My Hollister Interview

I just got back from my first interview – which happened to be for my favourite clothing store, Hollister.

Before I went, I had googled a load of things such as, ‘what questions are asked at Hollister interviews?’, ‘what do you wear to a Hollister interview?’, and ‘how much is plastic surgery to look like Zac Efron?’. I turned up some pretty interesting stuff, and it really helped. The thing is, most of it was written by girls, for girls. I’m a guy, so it was only helpful to an extent. I figured I’d be nice to all the guys out there who have an interview coming up at Hollister and don’t know how to prepare!

I know, I’m such a helpful person.

I’ll start by explaining how mine went, and then go into details like what to wear, etc.

My interview-

I walked into Hollister about fifteen minutes before my interview was due to begin. Hollister interviews (in the UK at least) are every Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm. I find one of the models and tell them that I have an interview, and ask them where I need to go. She directs me to the ‘lounge’; in every Hollister, there are several seats by the tills, which they refer to as the lounge. I go to sit down, and breathe a sigh of relief that there only appear to be two other people in my interview with me. One of them looks completely uncomfortable in the store, and the other didn’t seem to know what a shower was, so I was feeling fairly confident as I love the brand and had made an effort.

My confidence quickly faded, howver, when I was joined by the love children of the cast of 90210 and The OC. My first thought of ‘they must work here’ was quickly banished as the manager came over, inviting us into the back, and the beautiful people sat down beside me.

When I say ‘into the back’, I mean into a long, narrow corridor that had twelve up-turned cardboard boxes at the end which we used as seats, looking at the interviewers. There were two interviewers – a manager, and an MIT (manager in training). Both of them were gorgeous, and it was hard to focus my attention on what they were saying instead of thinking about them naked.

The first question they asked was “What is your name, and a fun fact about yourself?”. This is fine, until the first person speaks. “I’m Taylor, and I used to be a model for Boss management.” Next person: “I’m Michael, and I’ve just got back from Australia having modelled swimwear for a magazine out there.”. Again, “I’m Sarah, I’ve modelled in France, Italy, and America for fashion magazines.”


Bear in mind, that I’m one of only 3 people in attendance who have never modelled in their lives – the other two being the must-be-allergic-to-showers applicants I’d seen at the beginning. My answer was something along the lines of, “My name is Tris, and a fun fact about myself is…” desperately trying to think of something interesting, “last year I gave a speech in Westminster as an ambassador for the Lessons From Auschwitz project, which aims to bring the message of the holocaust to a younger generation.”

This brought look of “are you taking the piss?” from the other applicants, whilst the interviewer seemed impressed.

Question two – “Describe Hollister in three words.” I went for beachy, sophisticated and versatile. Most people did the same – apart from one of the what-is-this-soap-you-speak-of twins, who replied with “price, size, colour.”

Question three – “How would your family or friends describe you in three words?” This time, I said “charismatic, energetic, funny.” Okay, so ‘funny’ wasn’t totally inspired, but I panicked when I realised I could only think of two. Again, my confidence was restored when don’t-get-that-shower-gel-near-me answered “driven, hard working, love my job.”

Good try, but your friends wouldn’t really describe you like that. Why would they? They’re your friends, not your colleagues.Β At this point, I know for sure he isn’t getting the job and my chances increase by 1.

That was the end of the interview – all we had to do was fill out a form saying if we were applying for model or impact work. I had been recruited as a model, but I ticked impact too. I don’t really mind where I get the chance to work at Hollister, as long as I work there and have their discount. That would be awesome. They also took our photos – the models posing and me grinning like an idiot. That was it, and they sent us on our way.

It was really laid-back, and they only asked like 3 questions, so if you have an interview – do not panic about it!

What to wear-

I spent ages trying to figure that out. For most jobs, a suit and tie will go down nicely. A suit and tie at Hollister will ensure you’re not hired. Wear in-season stuff, and make sure it doesn’t have some other brand written all over it (I’m looking at you, Mr my-bath-has-been-broken-for-seventeen-years, and your decision to wear Superdry to a Hollister interview. Nice.)

I wore a grey t-shirt under a plaid blue and black shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and skinny jeans. All from Hollister. I also wore vans on my feet because I couldn’t find any flipflops in their store. Most people wore the same kind of thing – so don’t go too formal.

Girls – do not wear makeup. Do you see any of the models wearing it? No. They like it natural. Wear your hair down, no nail polish, and as little make-up as possible. Guys – shave and don’t make your hair obviously styled. That’s basically the gist of what they said.

I don’t expect a phone call anytime soon, mainly down to the fact that I haven’t been a model since I popped out of my mum’s womb. With Taylor Lautner on one side of me and pre-breakdown Lyndsay Lohan on my left, I’m not entirely sure I made a lasting impression on them. Oh well.

I hope this helps anybody who has an interview with Hollister in future, but if you have any questions about anything I haven’t covered here, feel free to message me on twitter at @7R15, facebook at, or inbox me on my youtube channel at, where I’m gonna post a video about it as well at some point!



    • Sorry this reply is so late! Yeah, if you’re successful they give you a call. They’ll tell you it can be any time up to two weeks later, but if you’ve got it then 99% of the time they’ll call you within the first few days. Or even keep you behind after the interview and offer it to you straight away. If they don’t call you within a few days, they might still up to two weeks. But most of the time it’s within a few days πŸ™‚ Good luck!

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    • I think that because they’re shoes not clothes they’d be more lenient with it. At work you’d be wearing flip flops 99% of the time anyway so your shoes won’t matter THAT much. Either of them are still good brands to wear to a Hco interview so as long as the rest of what you’re wearing is inkeeping with the Hollister look then you’d probably be fine πŸ™‚ Good luck!

    • I’d go for the tshirt over the tank top. I know sometimes you’ll see people wearing tanks in-store, but more often than not it’s t-shirts and even though it’s a casual interview, I think a tank top might be a bit toooo casual because you still want to make a good impression! Good luck!

  2. Hey! So i have an interveiw in 5 days with Hollister and I’m freaking out because Ive never had a job and Im very soft spoken so Id need to practice the interveiw (with pandora in the background because i heard yo uhave to speak over the loud music) any suggestions on how i can practice my interveiw?

    • Don’t worry too much about the music bit – during the interview, you won’t be on the floor, it’ll be out back or outside the store somewhere so you won’t have to shout to the interviewer. The best way to prepare is just to get an answer in mind about why you want to work there, your opinions on the brand, what you think it stands for, and you should smile a lot so practise in a mirror or something to make sure your smile doesn’t look too forced. Just be yourself, be confident, prepare a few answers to questions that might come up and worry about the rest later! Good luck πŸ™‚

  3. Hi! I was recruited in the weekend and the interview is tomorrow so I was wondering if the questions you’ve written about have changed at all since September last year? I know there are different questions every now and then but are the describe yourself, Hollister and your achievements still the main ones?
    Thanks! πŸ™‚

    • Good luck! The questions change slightly every time but the essence of them seems to remain the same. Often they’ll ask about what you understand by ‘diversity’ and why it’s important to get a rough answer for that one, but a lot of it is just a bit about yourself, what you think of the brand, etc. I can remember someone on tumblr I was speaking to said they were asked why they wanted to work there and why they think they reflect Hollister, but they were American so maybe the questions are different over there! Chances are, most of the time, if you were recruited by someone in-store then you’ll be hired unless you seriously mess up your answers. It’s still possible for someone to be hired if they weren’t recruited by a model in-store, but you’ve got more of a chance if you were so you should be fine πŸ™‚

  4. so i had an interview on tuesday with gilly hicks i think it went well, but im not sure,the manager said she would call within a week to let us know if we got the job. but the other day before my interview when i filled in the application online, i applied for gilly hicks, because they were advertising for vacancies on my university website and thats where i got the password from. but then i tried applying for hollister at a different location that is closer to my home because the gilly hicks store i’d applied to is over an hour away and its closer to my university as i will move back there in september. but anyway when i did try to finish my application for hollister, it didnt let me as i was not allowed to apply for two jobs. anyway, even though i’d like to think my interview went well, im still stressing out about it, so now i tried to reapply at hollister and this time around, it actually worked and its booked for tomorrow at 4, but I’m thinking of waiting till next tuesday then attend an interview then if i didn’t hear anything. but i have a feeling i did get the job at gilly hicks because it allowed me to apply for another store, if i were to be rejected, then i would have had to wait 2 months, thats what the manager said anyway. buut anyhow im just trying to think positive, as i tend to worry a lot

    • Haha, you’ll have to wait and see! Sounds like it would be easier if you could get a job at HCo though. If they offer you the job at Gilly Hicks, you could always work there for a while and then ask for a transfer to the Hollister store? They’re both the same company so it shouldn’t be too hard! I’m sure you did great though, good luck hope you get a call πŸ™‚

  5. I had my interview a few days ago. I currently work at McDonalds but really not happy with how I’m being treated there and HCo is one of my favourite stores and would much rather work there than Maccas (plus everyone who applies gets an interview, so that was another factor in me applying there).

    There were three of us (plus some guy who’d had his interview a week ago and was told he had to leave and wait three months to come back) at the interview. I wore a white button-up with a pair of new-ish dark wash skinny jeans, both bought from the store a couple months ago, and didn’t really do much with my hair other than put a bit of texture spray in it (I have a pixie cut). I also wore a pair of navy payless/no-name brand canvas shoes.

    Both of the other girls were from Europe; one of them had worked for HCo and the other had worked for A&F. Neither of them looked like they shopped at Hollister, let alone worked there (not being bitchy; both of them were gorgeous, but they both were wearing black which is one of the no-no colours). Before we actually had our interview, one of the girls actually asked me if I worked at the store, which I got kinda excited about. I feel like I made myself memorable to the interviewer. He asked us to give fun facts about ourselves and I said I was in a band and then he told me that one of his housemates is in a pretty well-known band. He seemed to like the answers I gave to the questions. We didn’t get asked the infamous diversity question which I’d researched beforehand. Then after the questions were over, he talked us through the look policy, employee discounts etc. Also he mentioned to us that there’s a massive amount of diversity in terms of nationalities, so basically be careful what you say in front of others etc., which I already knew about since at my work, a lot of the managers and employees are from other countries. (The other two girls then proceeded to ask the manager where he was from, and he said that he had Sri Lankan heritage)…basically this is how the conversation went down:

    Girl 1: So you’re not Indian?
    Manager: No.
    Girl 2: But, like, Indian and Sri Lankan kind of look the same.
    Me: *mental facepalm*
    Manager: Didn’t I just mention cultural sensitivity?

    Then he gave us a form to fill out re. availabilities and whatnot. I had applied for the model position but also said that I’d be happy to be an impact as well.

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