One of the most talked about things today is people’s weight. It’s no secret that many people don’t like – are even ashamed of – what they look like. The mirror becomes a taunting stranger you can’t help but repeatedly bump into, and your mum’s famous roast dinner comes served with a side dish of steaming hot guilt. Most of us have been there, and many people are still at that point.

There are countless reasons why weight is such an issue in today’s society. The main blame is the media – from stick thin models on the cover of Vogue to morbidly obese people on The Biggest Loser, it seems that we’re told from every direction how bad it is for us to be over three stone. Of course, other factors are thrown in there along the way, with school bullies, friends who can’t keep their mouths shut, and family members who don’t realise they’re being offensive.

I wouldn’t normally blog about something like this – something that’s been talked about a million times, a million different ways. The reason why you’re reading this now is, in the end, the result of one person – Lady Gaga. I’m not her biggest fan; some of her songs are great, but I rarely stick her album on when I’m in the mood to listen to music. I’m talking about Gaga because of the fuss that’s currently being made about her weight. For at least as long as she’s been in the public eye, she’s been slim. At 5″1, she seemed to be at a healthy weight and still be acceptable to be on the front of a magazine (an increasingly rare combination). Recently, several photos have been published showing her weight gain – and people haven’t left it go unnoticed. I’ve seen several people on twitter calling her ‘fat’. I’ve seen celebrity bloggers criticizing her for it, and I’m in no doubt that her entourage will have suggested she try and lose a few pounds before her next public appearance.

The photo above shows a before-and-after transition of the singer’s weight. The left image is the most recent, and does show some kind of weight gain. However, I don’t understand how anybody could honestly look at her and suggest she was ‘fat’. Fair enough, perhaps her outfit isn’t the most flattering and would be better suited to somebody thinner. But that doesn’t make her fat. I’m sure people remember Christina Aguilera’s “fat phase”. You know the one. Where she’d been pregnant for nine months and hadn’t shifted the last few pounds. Again, she couldn’t be called ‘fat’, but certain outfits didn’t do her justice –

It’s no wonder that so many teenage girls today are so self conscious about their weight. The women pictured above are not overweight. They would still fall within a healthy weight bracket, and the majority of how ‘bad’ they look is simple down to the photo. You’d be surprised to the differences between what celebrities actually look like, and how they look in magazines. Go and search google for Britney Spears photoshop before and after. Really, it’s crazy.

People like Christina, Gaga and Britney all look incredible before being put under the photoshop brush. Even larger celebrities such as Adele look great. I don’t understand the need to photoshop them to within an inch of their lives to make them look perfect. That’s an argument for another time, though.

My point is – and I know it’s hard – people need to stop worrying so much about their weight. Hundreds of years ago, larger women were actually considered more aesthetically desirable than skinnier women. If you want to lose a big of weight, then I’m not the one to try and stop you. But don’t think that just because you don’t look like these impossibly perfect models and celebrities, that you’re not skinny. Don’t think that because you’re not Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez, that you’re not healthy.

Because you can read this all you want and still not believe it, I’ll end this post by giving you a few examples of how the perfect really look (again, I’m not suggesting any of them are ugly without photoshop and make-up, I’m just showing the difference).

Katherine Heigl-

Britney Spears-

Hilary Duff-

And for anyone who is worried they’ll never look better than they do right now – click HERE. It will put your mind at rest.


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