More than just a blog.

A large number of people don’t understand my addiction interest in sites such as twitter, tumblr, and even wordpress. “They’re pointless,” they often say, “you’re just talking to a load of people you don’t know, saying things that nobody cares about.”

I’ll give them that – I don’t know the vast majority of my twitter followers or the people I follow on tumblr. And a lot of the time, people probably don’t care about what I update on these sites. But there’s more to them than just that.

I’ve met some amazing people through these sites. People who, even though I haven’t necessarily met in person, I speak to on almost a daily basis. People that I wish I grew up knowing, and people who I can even talk about things with that I couldn’t approach my actual friends with. Maybe the anonymity of hiding behind a laptop screen helps people speak so easily to others on these websites, or maybe it’s just the fact that nothing you say will be taken too seriously that lets you say what you want, when you want. Whatever it is that makes these websites so addictive – it works.

The likes of twitter and tumblr have introduced me to new people it’s likely I’d have never met otherwise. And I almost feel I should thank the websites for it. I won’t, because that’s stupid. But you get the idea. I didn’t set out writing this post to do what I’m about to do, but I feel that it’s a good way to carry it on. Here goes.

Lizzy – I’m amazed at how long we followed one another on twitter before we started talking, but I’m so glad we did. You’re one of the most incredible people I know, and I can’t thank you enough for being there for me when I’ve had to moan about something or when I’ve needed advice. I can only hope that I’ve been as helpful to you as you’ve been to me. Thanks for being the person I can talk to about anything, and I’m looking forward to buying you that Starbucks I owe you.

Abby – Where do I even start. Everything from the first messages on tumblr to our late night (for me) socially unacceptable kik conversations, I always enjoy talking to you. I feel like I know you better than I know some of my friends, and even though you’re slowly converting me into a Directioner (I vomited a little bit writing that) you’re a truly outstanding person. You look kind of like Taylor Swift, too. Thanks for everything and I can’t wait to see Keeshono in concert when I’m in New York next summer.

Dana – Just like with Abby, it sucks that you’re the other side of the Atlantic. I love that you say things how they are, and it’s not rare to end up laughing manically when I’m in a conversation with you. You’re also very talented when it comes to your British accent and ability to turn everything into something related to sex. Well done for that one 😉 Seriously though, you’re amazing. Don’t change.

Stephen – I can remember tweeting once that it’s more fun to follow people your own age on twitter, and remember you replying to that. Ever since, I can’t take that tweet back enough. You’re one of the nicest guys I follow, and it’s an honour to be able to call you my friend. You’re never short of something interesting to say, and talking to you is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Keep the tweets coming, mate – and next time we’re in the same place we’ll go and get that beer.

Obviously there are more, but these four people are the front runners. If you’re not on here then a) you’re probably not reading this anyway, and b) don’t take it personally because I probably still think you’re incredible.

So yeah. That’s why I love these websites. You speak to amazingly interesting people and have conversations that would never have happened without the use of your accounts. That, and you can complain about your friends and family and they’ll never find out about it. Everybody needs that once in a while.

Twitter, tumblr, wordpress, pinterest… they’re more than just blogs. They’re social tools to take you to worlds outside of the one you live in with people you wish you knew in person. There’s much more to life than your iPhone twitter app, but updating your status can turn into something so much more than telling people you don’t know stuff that nobody cares about.


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