Job hunting (part II)

I thought I’d expand my 6 word entry entitled Job ‘Hunting’, and explain what I’ve been up to in terms of that.

At this time of the University year, there’s rarely a day where the subject of trying to find a part-time job to fit around your studies doesn’t come up in one way or another. I decided that I didn’t want one last year, that I would just try and settle into Uni during the first year and figure something out for year 2.

It’s fair enough to say that I vastly underestimated just how difficult it would be to get a job here.

Despite the excitement that came with being given a Hollister interview, not much has gone right in terms of job hunting. Hollister never called – though I never expected them to, mainly based on the fact that I was surrounded by supermodels at my interview – and Marks and Spencer have sent me a rejection e-mail. I’m not all that annoyed at that though, because spending more than 45 minutes in M&S does generally result in me wanting to strangle myself with one of their overpriced faux-fur scarves. I applied for Superdry at one point too, but realised the reason I probably didn’t get any kind of response is because I sent them the wrong version of my CV. Since, I have applied to several other positions, including Debenhams, Footlocker, and Starbucks. I haven’t heard anything back from them yet, but I’ve still got a few days (my hopes are not high). I am a little gutted at the Starbucks one to be honest – a discount there would really make my life that much better. It probably didn’t help that I gave in my application when I was ill and looking like crap. I’m talking washed out face, crazy hair and a voice that sounded like I’d had a plastic bag stuck in my throat. Talk about a great first impression.

I really need a job, being able to go to America to work next summer kind of depends on it. I can’t afford that kind of thing on a student loan, even if I will be making money over there.

I’m very, very close to giving up and applying for Primark. I will do my best to exhaust every other option before that, though.


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