What your iPhone case says about you.

Nowadays, you can guarantee that nearly half the people you see on their phones as you walk down the street will be on an iPhone. With a new model coming out practically every other day, their already substantial popularity is getting ever more abundant. With such a large number of iPhones being sold every day, there is certainly no shortage of cases to protect them. And that’s what I decided to write this entry about. Right now, I’ve got an iPhone 4S with a case displaying a retro-British flag. It’s not that exciting, I only bought it because I like our flag. But what does your iPhone case say about you?

The Hummer
We’re talking thick, robust cases. The kind you can drive an 18-wheeler over and still make a call at the end of it. If you’ve got one of these, you’re adventurous. You like the outdoors, but you love your phone. That’s why you’ve armour-plated it. You’re always busy planning your next adrenaline pumping activity, and you want to make sure you can take your beloved iPhone along with you. Either that, or you’re a little too hooked on Call Of Duty fantasies.

The Blinger
Swarovski diamonds, crystal studs spelling your name across the back, you’re the A-Lister that just hasn’t been in a movie yet. You like the finer things in life, and want everybody else to know about it. With your eye-catching case, you’re not afraid to speak your mind and get yourself noticed. Alternatively, you’ve gone too far with the fake gems and are currently in the process of putting it back into your tracksuit pocket, ready for another day of scowling at strangers.

The Minimalist
You like to keep things simple. Your case is all one colour, and you don’t need anything more complicated. You don’t see the need for flashiness or complicated designs, instead you want the world to know that you’re aware there are more important things out there than something as simple as your phone. You don’t take things too seriously, unless they need to be taken that way. You’re just chilled out.

The Maximalist
You can stare at your case for a long time before you’ve seen all of it, because there’s so much going on. Your life is like this – you’re always busy, you’ve got a lot of friends, but sometimes you put too much into something that doesn’t quite need it. For you, a case isn’t about protection; it’s about style. And you want people to know you’ve got it. Always ahead of trend and often found with a Starbucks in hand, everybody knows you when they see you.

The Personal One
You’ve gone and got yourself a personalised iPhone case. Well done. Whether it’s a picture of your friends, family, cat, dog, grandparents or even that blurry photo you took of a sunset one time, you like things that mean something to you. Your iPhone case is no exception. You’re not someone to make a lot of noise, and you have several good friends instead of lots of mediocre ones. You’re happy in your comfort zone and in your group, and don’t see any need to fix what ain’t broken.

The Hipster
You wear short shorts in summer, and you’re not afraid to admit it. On the back of your phone you’ll find patterns with varying degrees of ironic complexity that you insist goes with your non-conformist lifestyle. You don’t need to be told what you need to do, because you know what you want to do. You change listening to Nicki Minaj for Two Door Cinema Club and The Black Keys. You won’t change as society does – unless it’s too mainstream not to.

So there you have it. There are more, but my fingers hurt and my dinner’s almost finished cooking. I’ve based this on people I know, people I see, and several other ideas presented in similar articles – so try not to get offended. I’m looking at you, Hipsters. There are people who pick out a case because it’s cheap and they don’t want to scratch their shiny new iPhone 5, but this isn’t about them. This is about you, and why you chose that statement in your pocket.


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