Anybody want a muffin?

After spending weeks looking for a job that I can fit in around university, I’ve finally been offered one today. It’s at BB’s Coffee and Muffins – and before you ask, I have no idea if we get a discount. I don’t think we do.

I saw Nickelback on Monday, 08-10-12, and I was eating at a Subway near Wembley arena when they called me, asking me questions about my CV and things. I wasn’t entirely equipped to have a telephone interview at that time as it was very busy and Call Me Maybe was playing loudly in the background, my mouth still full of cheesy goodness. When I managed to quickly choke that down, I attempted to go outside where I thought it would be quieter. It wasn’t (duh, it’s London) but they managed to shout down the phone to me and I managed to shout back. Satisfied with my vaguely-audible answers, they invited me to have a “trial shift” there today at 11am.

So, I left my house at about 10:30 today with the aim of getting the train in. It only takes 15 minutes or so to walk, but I’d rather get the train because I can figure out exactly when I’ll get there and make sure I’m on time. I bought my ticket and walked onto the platform to discover that my train was in fact already five minutes late.

That’s fine, I thought to myself, I’ll still make it in plenty of time. So I waited. I waited for five minutes, where it was announced it would be later and later. In the end – at 10:50 – I decided it wasn’t worth waiting for and decided I’d power-walk it instead. Somehow, and I mean somehow, I managed to walk from the train station to the city centre in just over six minutes. It did mean that I was probably bright red and sweaty when I got there, but if I was they didn’t seem to notice.

I spent the next hour pretending I knew the difference between a latte and a cappuccino, and standing around confused when a customer asked me anything more complicated than what the time was. I have worked in a café before, but that was about two years ago and I’ve forgotten nearly everything except how to clear a table in thirty seconds. This must have impressed them, because at noon when I was allowed to leave, they offered me the job. I gratefully accepted it, and I’m pretty happy about that. They even gave me a free muffin so I didn’t work for an hour unpaid.

The ‘they’ I keep referring to is my supervisor. Unlike my last job, my supervisor here looks like Kirsten Dunst. I’m not complaining.

I do need to take my passport with me on Saturday though. Normally, I keep my passport in a hessian wallet inside a plastic folder on my shelf. That way, I always know where it is. Unfortunately, due to the amount of travelling I did this summer, I’ve managed to loose it somewhere because it never ended up in its folder between trips. I had to phone mum and ask her to post it to me, but she couldn’t find it. Which means on Friday night, I get to go allll the way back down to Plymouth, find my passport, and then come allll the way back up to Cardiff on Saturday morning. Super.

I’m definitely happy that I’ve been given a job. There are only about 5 people who work there, and the 3 I met today are really nice. Two of them were from somewhere in Europe too, so I love their accents. Anyway, I thought I’d share this (less than interesting) story. So there you go. If you ever end up in the mall in Cardiff, desperate for a muffin, it might just be me who serves you.


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