I’m turning 20 tomorrow.

It’s crazy to think that. I mean… twenty. Shit. I won’t be a teenager anymore, and even though technically I’m an adult already (even though I don’t feel like one), being twenty actually sounds like an adult. You become one. That’s weird for me.

I’ve honestly had an amazing twenty years though. I’ve never gone without anything, and I couldn’t have asked for more in terms of family. Honestly, they’re all so important to me, you have no idea. The last few years have been tough on all of us in certain ways, but I honestly feel that we’re stronger than we’ve been. I nearly always got what I wanted growing up, and even though I’ve moved out now, I’m happy that we still have a really close relationship with one another.

If you’re older and reading this, you’re probably thinking that I’m being stupid. Twenty’s just a number, right? Well.. not to me. It’s weird getting older.

My iPod was on shuffle earlier today, and a song came on from the album ‘Smash! hits 2003’. I can remember that my brother and I loved that album. We’d always have it on in the car when we were kids – I can’t believe that was nearly ten years ago now. I can still remember every lyric to every song on the CD, for better or worse. We used to listen to it when we played this WWE Wrestling game on the PlayStation 1 – how old is that now?! -, and when (don’t judge me) Liberty X – Holding On To You came on as track 3, I was suddenly ten years old, sitting on my brother’s bed in summer and playing that game, eating raspberry flavoured bubble gum with the dog in the garden outside the window. The taste of the bubblegum came back, the smell of his room, and even the wrestler I was playing with (it was The Undertaker – who else? – and Lita as my manager). And now suddenly I feel old. Tomorrow at 4:30pm, I’ll have been alive for two decades, and that’s weird for me.

I’m excited, though. Part of me doesn’t want to be twenty, because it sounds adult and it’s the end of being a teenager – the later years of which have been the best years of my life without doubt. But the other part of me really does. I’m excited for whatever life is going to throw at me next, good or bad. I’m a strong believer that we all have a path set out before us, and I can’t wait to find out what mine is. Because it’s not the one I’m on right now. It’s the start to a whole new part of my life, and I’m going to make it as amazing as I can.

I’m so lucky to have had the life I’ve had. A lot of people don’t have as tight a family as I have, or perhaps aren’t as wealthy or don’t have friends as close as the ones I have. I’m so fortunate, and so thankful for everything that I have in my life. The last twenty years have been outstanding….

So bring on the next twenty. And I’ll make them even better.


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