It started with an advert.

When I was younger, I saw a TV advert for an airline. It featured sights such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Great Wall of China, Statue of Liberty… all those kinds of things. Before I knew it, I was starting to think about one day travelling the world myself. Seeing the stuff I’d always wanted to see. Years later, and I’m closer than ever.

I’ve nearly finished planning the trip, every part considered to the tiniest detail. The saving is going well, and I’ve still got another two years to make sure I’ve got enough money. It’ll be expensive, sure. But worth every penny.

Without going into detail, here’s the plan. I get on a plane in London, bound for New York. After spending time in New York, I take a short flight to Chicago where I embark on the historic Route 66 trip. Over the next two weeks, I work my way from Chicago to Los Angeles at the other end, stopping in places such as St. Louis, Santa Fe, the Grand Canyon (not technically on Route 66, but close enough that I’ll take the detour) and Las Vegas on the way. After a while in Los Angeles, I’ll fly down to Lima, Peru. Why Peru? Two words – Machu Picchu.  Somewhere I find incredible, and somewhere I’ve always wanted to go. After the climb up to see it and spending a few more days in the Peruvian capital, Sydney in Australia is the next stop. This is partly just as a stop-over before the next place I want to go, and partly to crack on with the sights . Next up is Hanoi, Vietnam. I’ll be taking the trip to Halong Bay, and exploring the far outside the city to get a real taste of Asia. When I’m finished in Vietnam, it’s a flight up to Beijing, China. The Great Wall will be the second wonder of the world I’ll have seen on the trip, whilst I take time to visit various other attractions and volunteer in the local area. The end of China will be the end of Asia as I leave and fly to Rome, Italy. I’ve been to Rome before, so this is nothing new. But I loved it, and want to return. I’ll make a point of seeing the Colosseum again – and if you’ve never been to see it, you really should. It’s outstanding (and also another wonder of the world as I found out recently! 3 in one trip can’t be bad!). I have family in Florence, so I’ll take the train there before moving on to Pisa. The following weeks will include rail travel to Germany, France and the Netherlands before finally flying back to London from Amsterdam.

I’ve planned this down to the letter, obviously much more than I’ve written above. And by the time it comes to booking it, if my workings out are correct, I’ll have enough money to do so, even with some left over.

And I can’t wait.


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