Dear X,

I know I’m speaking on behalf of a lot of people when I write this. I appreciate that a lot of law is to do with research, but I think that asking us to do a piece of coursework on a subject we haven’t been told a single thing about is a bit much. Apparently last year the coursework was on fixtures and fittings – I’m sure we would all have been a lot more confident with something like that, as we would have had the lecture on it already thus being given at least a basic understanding of the topic. In this case, we had no basic understanding, meaning we not only had to answer an entire coursework on it, but we had to teach ourselves the topic first. Everybody I know, including myself, has found this coursework incredibly difficult as a result – trying to learn a topic based around a question instead of learning it as a whole and then applying it to the question is very difficult.
Not only that, but the question in itself was ridiculous. I’m talking about “The law of co-ownership is a product of statute and the common law… Moreover, social and economic changes also have had a great impact on the frequency with which co-ownership arises and the consequences it brings. Neither is it true to say that co-ownership…” – That does not make sense at that stage in the sentence, thus making the entire extract difficult to understand. When the question doesn’t make 100% sense, it’s hard to write an answer that does.
The above is the e-mail I am sending to my loser of a property law lecturer just as soon as she’s finished marking our coursework. Hope the bitch enjoys it.
Rant done.

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