I just watched Flight 93.

I’d wanted to see it for a while, and tonight I finally got around to watching it. It’s powerful to say the least.

There’s one thing I don’t get about 9/11 though. It’s the people who insist the US government planned it. Okay, fair enough – the whole event probably helped Bush to make sure he would get another term in the White House. Bringing the country together and all that. And there are areas of it all that don’t add up; a Boeing 767 aircraft causing a comparatively tiny dent in the side of the Pentagon, for example.

But still. Everybody is entitled to their own opinions. But when 9/11 rolls around every year, and you’re standing there saying “it was a conspiracy, it’s all the government’s fault” etc, I think you’re being incredibly disrespectful. The anniversaries of September 11th 2001 shouldn’t be to remember what happened. They shouldn’t be the basis of conversations about conspiracy. They should be about remembering the people that died in these tragic attacks. The innocent lives that were lost.

Whether or not the hijackings were orchestrated by an internal body, that shouldn’t matter. The only thing that matters is the people – both in the air and on the ground – who lost their lives that day. Their legacies should live on as a much more important matter than who might have done it or what might have happened. In a national crisis such as this, it’s a time for pulling together as a nation and paying tribute to those who deserve it.

Not complaining about how you think Bush murdered four plane-loads of people.


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