I’m bored, let’s send some hate?

There’s something that bothers me about websites such as twitter, facebook, tumblr, and whatever ever else you might find yourself scrolling through the pages of. What is it that bothers me? It’s the people who send hate to celebrities they’ve never met. Being a law student, I’m well aware that we have certain freedoms in many countries of the world – one of them being freedom of expression, i.e we’re allowed to say what we want. I encourage that freedom, but as with all good things, I feel there’s a limit.

I logged into twitter the other day (follow me at @7R15) and saw at least three people on my timeline sending some kind of hate to celebrities. If I remember correctly, two of the tweets were aimed at Selena Gomez, whilst another was headed towards Miley Cyrus. They weren’t pleasant, and I won’t repeat them – but you can probably use your imagination. It just frustrates me when people do this.

Take me, for example. I am not a fan of Justin Bieber’s music. I am not a fan of One Direction’s music. I don’t find Gerard Butler movies funny. But I don’t take that opinion, turn it into a hatred of the person themself, and take to twitter to send them hate messages. Not finding a scene out of The Bounty Hunter doesn’t make me want to send “I f*cking hate you, you piece of sh*t” to Gerard Butler. The annoying Baby, Baby, Baby Oooooh of Justin Bieber’s song doesn’t translate to a “You should die” tweet to JB. And it shouldn’t have to! I’ve never met these people, I don’t know what they’re like. In fact, they seem pretty decent for the best part.

People don’t seem to take this into consideration before sending these hateful messages to people they’ve never met over the internet. Imagine logging into twitter and finding thousands of hateful tweets in your mentions, or turning on your facebook to see your fanpage filled with derogatory things about you. I don’t imagine it’s a particularly nice experience.

And then there are the fangirls. I mean, seriously. I’m not talking about the “Yay! The Jonas Brothers concert is in three days! I’m doing to do nothing else but tweet lyrics from their songs until then!” fangirls. No. I’m talking about the sending-death-threats-to-Selena-Gomez-for-dating-their-favourite-singer fangirls. This needs to stop. Firstly, it doesn’t even make sense – okay, so you’ve “in love” with Justin Bieber. Why then would you want to try and jeopardize his perfectly happy relationship with the girl he wants to be with? That doesn’t make any sense to me at all. Just because you try and get them to break up (good luck with that, by the way – your tweet will have no effect) doesn’t mean that he’ll automatically come running to you, to cry on your shoulder. You’ve never met him. You probably never will. So get a grip.

Celebrities are – for the best part – there to make people happy. Sure, some of them are clinging with their fingertips with all they have to the platform they once stood on, and you just wish they’d give up and go away (ahem, Katie Price) – but their acting, or their singing… it makes people happy. Maybe not you, but others. And trying to put down somebody just for doing what they love to do and living the dream they’ve always wanted is ridiculous. Think about how it would effect you, if every day hundreds of people sent you messages of hate, just for doing what you enjoy.

If you like them, fine. By all means let them know. And if you don’t – well, my mum had a saying whilst I was growing up: if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.


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