Nothing wrong with small boobs.

I turned on my TV earlier, and there was nothing to watch. Surprise, surprise. I ended up on BBC3, where there was a live debate going on about cosmetic surgery. I watched for a  few minutes before turning it off and watching Green Wing instead, but I’ve been thinking about it since. One of the points they were debating was whether or not cosmetic surgery should be banned or not. They were throwing up ideas such as that it is a waste of resources, that it promotes low self-esteem in people who don’t see themselves as good enough… you know. All the usual stuff. There weren’t that many people supporting the idea that it should be banned, and I totally understand why.

I know I’m young, and people my age are known for being liberal about things. And for the best part, I too have quite a liberal outlook on life. This applies when it comes to my views cosmetic surgery, too.

I firmly believe that it’s totally fine, no matter what circumstances it comes about under. I believe that those who need, for example, facial reconstruction after an accident, should be prioritised if a shortage of supplies and resources ever came about, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery. I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes it looks ridiculous (I’m looking at you, Pete Burns) but we are in no place to judge people who make use of it. It can promote confidence, it can make people’s lives better, and it can doubtlessly enhance people’s careers – I didn’t see Zac Efron on the front pages of magazines before he had his teeth and nose done. Yes, it can be used to excess – but those people, the ones getting it done, they should be allowed to do whatever they want to their bodies without coming under criticism from other people. It’s their body, not ours. We’re not in a position to say that Sharon Osbourne’s cheeks are too big, or that Megan Fox’s nose is too pointy after her procedure. They’re happy, and that’s what counts.

At the same time as I don’t discourage it, I don’t actively encourage it either. Most people don’t see the faults that we see in ourselves – there’s nothing wrong with small boobs, wonky teeth, or having a bit of a flabby belly. It makes us who we are, and unless you don’t like it, there’s no need to change it. Don’t fix what ain’t broke – all that.

The point I’m trying to make is that an idea such as cosmetic surgery is ridiculous. Bear in mind that this covers everything from straightening your teeth to liposuction, from facial peels to collagen. Any kind of procedure that alters your appearance, really. I myself went though years of dental work to have the smile that I have now. And personally, I’d like a nose job at some point. The rest of me is fine, but if I ever decided to change something about myself, I shouldn’t be criticised for it. Nobody should. Opinions when it comes to things like this – unless it’s beginning to have a negative effect on the person’s health – should be kept to yourself.

Because it’s really none of anybody’s damn business.


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