I think it might be snowing?

When it snows in Britain, you know about it. Hell, I knew how deep it was and which parts of the road outside my house were worst affected before I even looked out the window this morning. With anything more than a light scattering of the white stuff being rare in most parts of the UK, this week has obviously set people off. Twitter, facebook, instagram and many more platforms this morning were snowed under (I won’t apologise for the pun) with posts about the weather. People were having snowball fights and buidling snowmen outside on the street. My local grocery store had run out of mushrooms. Serious stuff.

But I’m not all that happy about it. Any other day, I’d be screaming with excitement, throwing on my wellies and prancing around in the ongoing blizzard wishing it would never end – or something close to that. However, I have to get a train to London tomorrow. With all trains between Cardiff and London Paddington being cancelled today, I don’t have high hopes about what tomorrow morning might bring. The best thing is that, in order to have time to leave just incase it has all gone away, I get to wake up at 6am to find out. Super.

Not everybody is as bitter as me with regards to the weather today, though. Take my dog, Logan, for example. I was told today on the phone that Logan was so excited about the three feet of snow on the moorland back home that he ran into a submerged electric fence. He’s fine now, but I can imagine it was a bit of a shock (I’m on fire today!) for him. Making the best of a bad situation, I’ve just built a snowman in the garden with my housemates. His name’s Simon. We get along pretty well.


Sorry about the quality of that photo, by the way. It was a half-hearted, get-me-out-of-this-freezing-cold-snow attempt with my water-covered iPhone camera lens. Anyway.

Whatever happens – whether I’m able to traverse the UK and get across to London or not – I hope you guys enjoy the snow while it lasts. With increasingly frosty temperatures and more snow expected over the next few days, drive safely, don’t be stupid, and don’t find my house and destroy Simon. You’ll regret that.


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