So it turns out I haven’t updated this

So it turns out I haven’t updated this blog since February 24th. Seeing as how that’s almost an entire three months, there was a part of me that figured I should make some kind of effort to let anybody who is still reading it know that I’m still alive and that there will eventually be more posts.

I’m currently stuck bang in the middle of that exciting time of year known as exam season. The few months where students the world over are resigned to their bedrooms with half-exhausted highlighters, pages of notes and folders that prove to be far less organised than we originally intended.

As a result, I haven’t been up to anything near worth mentioning, so I’ll do my best to just update with a short catch-up of what’s going on-

  • I’ve got three exams left until Summer.
  • I’m now £1995 away from my Kilimanjaro fundraising target.
  • My brother is in New Zealand, because he is a lucky shit.
  • I still have £300 to pay towards Zanzibar and have no idea how I’m going to do it.
  • My mum’s finished her degree.

That’s basically it. Mega exciting, I know. I have no doubt that when my exams are over, I’ll have much more interesting things to write about. If I don’t, we know something’s gone terribly wrong. But, until then, feel free to read this entry over and over until you’re satisfied you’ve caught up with everything.



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