So here’s today’s fun fact about me – I would defend my family members to the death. I’m sure most people are probably like that, so you should be able to relate to today’s post. Awesome.

I’ll explain the background for a second first. Way back at the start of this year, my brother got a job front of house in a nearby restaurant named the Turtley Corn Mill. He did a good job, but suddenly out of nowhere they just stopped calling him in for shifts. They ignored any phone calls he made to ask why, and basically pretended as if he had never existed. Understandably, he was confused. So were the rest of us.

Skip forward to this week, and I’d e-mailed them asking if they might donate a prize for a charity auction I’m holding to raise money for the Meningitis Research Foundation. I didn’t realise it was the same place when I sent the original e-mail, but looking at it today I noticed that it was. And suddenly, any sense of professionalism went out the window as I felt it appropriate to send them another e-mail. It stands as follows.

Sorry, I’ve just realised that this is the place that “fired” my brother without even the decency to tell him that he no longer had a job. You know the drill – avoiding phone calls, not answering emails, all the rest.
About the raffle prize, I’m glad you ignored that e-mail because you can keep that rubbish.
For future reference, it is not only very rude but totally unprofessional to just cancel someone’s shifts and leave them unsure about whether they are still working for you or not. I’m twenty years old and I know that, you’d think that the age you (the owners) are with your years of business experience, you would know how to treat an employee fairly, but I guess not. [I’ve removed this part for various legal reasons]. We’re not going down that road obviously because it was a one-second slip from whoever the female manager is and it would be a waste of time, especially considering it was such a crappy job anyway. But in future, I suggest you keep those kinds of comments to yourself.
To summarise – ignore the other email asking about a raffle prize. I don’t want to subject anybody who has contributed to such a good cause to being in your presence for a meal. You are unprofessional, morally damaged people running a mediocre restaurant and I don’t want that association with the good I’m trying to do for MRF.
All the best.
My brother probably wouldn’t be hugely pleased with my decision to send this to them, but he would never use them as a reference so I don’t see the harm in it. They need to know that they can’t treat people like that and, even though my e-mail will not change that, it will at least piss them off. And that was the sole aim of my sending it – apart from making myself feel better, of course.
If anyone in Devon does ever consider eating there – just don’t do it. The staff are nice enough, but the managers need a slap in the face. Not just because of this, but for their general approach towards their business and customers as a whole. The food’s pretty good, I’ll give them that. But then so is Pizza Hut, and a part-time waitress there probably has more business ethic than the managers of this place combined.

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