Headlights & Tail-Lights

I’m fascinated by people. We’re so interesting, each and every one of us. Not necessarily in a set kind of way – some people can spend hours talking and never lose their audience, whilst others open their mouth and their words are boring, completely ignored after a few seconds. Some people wear clothes that others might consider strange, and some wear the same thing day after day. Yes, we’re interesting – but not at face value. Let me explain.

Pretend you’re driving down a motorway. There are cars in front of you, lorries speeding down the other side of the road, and that asshole in his silver BMW undertaking you because driving an expensive car still isn’t quite enough to fully inflate his damaged ego. Imagine as each one of those cars disappears into the distance, and how little we make of the fact we may never see them again. For some of those cars, we might only see them for a fleeting second as they speed past us at 70mph and around a corner. We have no idea where they might be going, who’s inside them, or where they’ve been. Each one of those cars has a different story. This is that fascinates me.

I think it’s just the fact that each one of the drivers of these cars have their own separate lives. They have friends, family, houses, flats, jobs, hobbies, everything. They have favourite foods and colours they hate, music they can’t help but sing along to in the car and dreams they’ve never shared with anybody. Every single person has a complete life that’s individual to anybody else on the road at that time. They might be driving to a wedding, or a funeral, or just to the supermarket to buy eggs. They might be headed to their airport to start the trip of a lifetime, or driving to hospital after receiving a phone call that made their gut sink. Nobody knows, and nobody ever will. I just find the whole thing amazing.


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